One of Lyalls Trucks

Lyalls Bio: how I got started

Your Friend With A Truck, Started April 2002. I had a friend who wanted to buy a sofa at Kilshaws Auctioneers, but had no way to get it home. So I told her I would pick it up, if she bought it and I would get it to her place. She called me and asked me to pick it up. The follow week she bought a dresser and if I would get it from the auction and I did. The following week she bought another dresser, when I went to Kilshaw’s to pick it up, I jokingly said to the lady (Alison Ross) behind the counter this was getting to be a habit and I should do this for a living, she replied, “Bring me a business card”, I went to staples and bought 50 blank cards and came up with the name “Your Friend With A Truck” and the shamrock for good luck as the logo. I drove a 5 ton truck during the week, and did deliveries on weekends for Kilshaw’s. As the time went on, a friend of mine named Rick helped me out and we did a lot of late nights, working out of a pick up truck. People liked what we did so much they were calling us during the week. One day I was driving down bay street, I seen a one ton truck for sale, I checked it out and bought my first truck. The Company I was driving for gave me a .15cent raise. I decided it was time to move on and do my own thing. One December I hit black ice and lost control of my truck and a semi trailer hit me in the rear end and totaled the truck. Next morning I phoned Budget car and truck sales and asked if they had any one tones for sale? I had orders to get delivered, I looked at the truck at 8 am and was at the bank by 10 am and had my new truck on the road by noon. When I left the company I was working for, an employee at Costco Whole Sale, called and asked if I was interested in taking on their deliveries? I said YES. 2 years later I bought another truck and just a year ago I bought a little 5 ton dump truck. We now do estate work for lawyers, Auction houses, downsizing for seniors, junk removal and small house and apartment moves. "Your Friend With A Truck" presently employs 5 people. Bookkeeper and many people at revenue Canada. We look after around 3200 clients a year.
We carry WCB cartage insurance and are licensed in the city of Victoria BC, CO